High School

TLFF’s Private High School is an alternative to the traditional classroom setting. TLFF finds that in this fast paced world of technology, teens do better with a self-paced, computerized online curriculum. TLFF facilitates students that have a variety of learning styles which traditional school settings have difficulty providing. The Learning Foundation offers high school students a variety of ways to succeed: direct instruction classes, independent study, online through Edgenuity and Florida Virtual School, and even dual enrollment with Palm Beach State College.  Whether a student is in need of grade forgiveness or to accelerate and graduate early with a 3 years option, TLFF provides individualized planning and instruction to each student based on his or her needs.  We follow Palm Beach County School Board’s yearly calendar for your convenience.

High School Days & Times
Monday – Friday School Hours –
8:00am – 2:00pm
(H.S. Only 5 hours are required daily!)

Scholarships accepted  



Step Up for Students

AAA Scholarship 

Due to the pandemic, TLFF is providing school for the 2022 - 2023 Virtual (if individually needed) and in Person Learning.

Middle School

TLFF’s private school grades 6th-8th program focuses
on individual academic remediation and advancement;
beginning with a placement inventory,
moving to specialized lesson planning
and then small group personalized instruction with a
very low student-teacher ratio.
Each student’s curriculum is tailored to his or her needs
while following the state education standards.
While The Learning Foundation focuses on academics.

We follow Palm Beach County School Board’s yearly
calendar for your convenience.

Middle School Days & Times

Monday – Friday
Hours – 8:00am – 2:00pm

Other Services

Private School Grades 6-12

Education Advocacy Grades K-12 (ESE-504)

Summer School Grades 6-12 teaching all subjects (3 days a week 4 hours daily)

Bright Futures College Scholarships Guidance

Vocational Rehab Vendor School to work transition

Behavior Management Techniques Parent consultation